Quitting Cable: Here we go

OK, technically I haven’t quit anything. But I did sign up for a new account with Extreme Internet. (Which I had to do because Time Warner won’t let me upgrade from Earthlink to Extreme…)

I’m planning to call up and cancel my existing plan once the technician has installed my new service. Hopefully, I’m able to actually do that.

Update 7/28 6:21 PM

Well it obviously wasn’t going to be that easy. I received an email from Time Warner indicating that my order would be canceled if I didn’t call them right away. Upon calling I learned that since I have an active account with Time Warner, the system will not allow me to create a new account. “Just schedule a disconnect and then we can release your order, I’ll transfer you now.”

We are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Your call is important to us, please stay on the line and a customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible.

When I finally got through, I was told of all the great offers I could get if I didn’t cancel my account. Then I was told that actually, I don’t have to cancel my account, I just need to call EarthLink and tell them I want to switch to Road Runner. “How much is the Extreme 30Mbps package if I do that?” $72.95 per month. But the option I found online is $52.95 per month.

Well sir, I can offer you $62.95 per month. That is the best we can do on the phone.

So I scheduled a cancellation. Shocking that the soonest a technician can get to me is 2 weeks from now. But they can come install my new service on August 1. Speaking of which, when I then tried to call and have my order removed from their hold status (and delayed until the tenth), that department had closed.

Update 7/29 10:42 AM

So once again, I’ve found that the previous customer service representative misled me: The customer service version of “pay it forward.” Turns out, just scheduling a disconnect is not enough. I have to actually be disconnected before I can schedule my install. Not that I blame them, I mean they should make it inconvenient to do what I’m doing. That being said, you’d think someone at their organization would understand how their system works. So now I’ll have a service interruption for at least a weekend. Being stubborn about $10 a month has its pitfalls.